About Us

SAC PASÉ is the result of a rude awakening, a realization that if we do not commit to making significant changes in our lifestyle...that plastics will likely consume our plant.

We all have a role to play in the reduction of plastic pollution. One of the biggest drains on the planet are household consumers' over reliance on single-use plastic items.

SAC PASÉ provides you with an attractive alternative to the convenience of accepting a single-use plastic bag while shopping. A more durable, versatile and stylish reusable tote that folds-up for your convenience. 

SAC PASÉ allows you to conserve your bag for longer and keep its interior clean with its unique removable water-resistant liner that can be washed regularly.

At SAC PASÉ, we know first-hand, that if you genuinely like your bag, the likelihood of you REMEMBERING your bag increases significantly helping you to reuse your bag and ultimate reduce your carbon footprint.

At SAC PASÉ, our motto is: there may be no “one-size-fits-all” solution to plastic pollution, but we do have a “one-size fits all” bag in the fight against it!

*A donation for every bag sold is made to Save-a-Turtle; a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, preservation and conservation of sea turtles.